Our Philosophy

Strength in relationships

We consider ourselves progressive people. We search for light and air, soothing comfort and tactile surfaces, beauty and simplicity, tangible relationships between inside and outside space, honest expression of materials and delight in details, and human scale spaces. Mostly, we search in our built work, for strong relationships between these components of good design.

Home is where inside and outside landscapes interact and where there are a variety of spaces that both buffer and enliven those within, in a manner fitting to the personalities of the occupants, within affordable resources. Every client, budget, and site present a unique collection of possible design solutions, all of which can provide for a healthier and happier life.

Design is an investment in your personal spirit and heart – an investment YOUR proper and fitting place in the world. For many, a well-designed project becomes a legacy to the next generation as an example of forward thinking and evidence of a vital and thoughtful life.

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