Our Process


Preliminary design cues come from “interpretations” of and “potential transformations” embedded in the Site. A Site has a voice like that of a client. The measure of that influence should be taken throughout the design process. It is difficult to create good work without a specific building site. So, we begin with The Site and its context, orientation, topography, and character. A Project is also an occupied Place: a cohesive landscape of imagery, function, and culture. Inspiration comes from the land and from YOU: your opinions, your patterns, your practices, and your lifestyle. We ask and learn about you.


We will discuss, sketch, model, and draft the design possibilities for your project. Together, our initial ideas will be buildable and necessarily complicated- ripe possibilities. While we start with real functional desires, objectives, and capacities, we will look for new opportunities and a range of experiences. We work in physical models and drawings to comprehend your site and the developing forms and spaces, enclosed and exposed, as well as the material qualities of your project. In time, the complicated preliminary ideas will become beautiful and often intricate, simplified solutions “fit” to your lives…and woven together as a comprehensive design.


A thoughtful and complete set of Construction Documents brings out the best quality and efficient production in the builders and fabricators involved in your project. Creating these cross-referenced documents takes the largest amount of time in the Design Process, as it is a refinement of materials, products, smart construction detailing, aesthetics and functions collected since the beginning of the process.

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