Riverfront Jazz

A metaphor, like a vessel under full sail, it virtually rolls across the site. Materials are assembled like the riffs and attitude of a modern jazz composition.


Woven into the woods on a restrictive site, this small three-bedroom home integrates itself into a hillside above a creek and floodplain.

Beach Sanctuary

An interiors project, this work references the surrounding beaches and cliffs on Lake Superior, as a starting point for texture, color, pattern, and finish.


Take one carefully stewarded cedar forest along a north shore bike trail, add in a coffee bar and café, a bike shop complete with snowshoe and bike rentals and repair, and a custom bike bag manufacturer and you have a most unique experience in the woods.

De Partie

Once a functional household kitchen in 1907, restructured space and summoned daylight bring subtle color, invitation, and joy to the “heart of the home” in this century.

Hawk and Songbird

Forms and orientation designed, with great intention, for daylight, and with indistinct lines between inside and outside, this dual courtyard project perches over an extensive watershed basin to the north and beautiful gardens by the Owner to the south, as a necklace of interior spaces communicate an intimate relationship between building and site.

Island Restyle

On Madeline Island, this is a collection of modern, cottage spaces combining new construction, remodeling, and rehabilitation that transformed an originally encased cabin into a family retreat and studio.

Reframing Modern

An outdated floor plan was unfolded to create living space perfect for entertaining, yet intimate enough for two.

Saturated Cabin

Originally a windowless brown box, this project was conceived of as a joyful, acrobatic play of color and structure, transparent to a Lake Superior cliff beyond.

Suburban Modern

A unique structure of fully concealed steel and laminated beams, the roof and aspen ceiling floats mysteriously above the interior walls.

The Family Forest

Linked by a simple transparent walkway, 2 parallel structures visually and physically engage the site and the pool wherever possible.

The Forest Within

Sheltering below a thick timber gable and reflecting a white pine shoreline, this small family camp, sits serenely on the forest floor.

The Grove

A 1969 vintage all-embracing “update project”, the building opens up to more daylight, softer built form, and fewer divisions of interior spaces. The social front porch returns as a hand-laid stone patio and grove of apple trees.

The Palisades

Located over an ice cave in the Palisades on the North Shore of Lake Superior, the lovingly conceived project is an extensive remodeling that involved the careful demolition, recycling, and donation of an astounding 70% of the original home materials.

The Highlands

Placed just below a hilltop overlooking the Apostle Islands, this little collection of agrarian building forms perfectly sized for 2 people, very efficiently provides comfortable sleeping for up to 8-10 people, if needed, in a small footprint and a beautiful, tactile interior.

The Lodge

A family lodge on a northern Minnesota lake combines timber frame, post and beam, and conventional framing for permanence, material honesty, structural richness, and remarkable craft.

The Penthouse

A penthouse overlooking Lake Superior with crisp lines and high contrast, balanced with simple and spare casework, cabinetry, and minimal materials.

The Shorestead

A Japanese-inspired Finnish Farmstead on Lake Superior creates 3 courtyards between simple all-heart redwood structures connected by copper barrel vaults.

Hidden Gem

Reserved attitude to the road, this projects saves its embrace for the lakeshore and sunrises. Small. Crafted. Surprising.

Woodland Retreat

Spanning a col between 2 hills, the design plays with the whole site as it flows in and around the building.

The Crossing

Surrounded by wetland allowed to flow below, with one leg each in upland soils, this narrow project starts at grade and slowly rises to the treetops of Lake Superior’s south shore

Midwest Hamptons

Built in 1907 and disrespected in the 50’s, a stately home gets a refreshing new attitude and a casual confidence.

St. Louis Maison

One narrow peninsula surrounded by water, the love of French countryside and Shaker simplicity tell a story in this new project.

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